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The Teaching Ocean

The Teaching Ocean

Children will enjoy learning their letters and numbers with this fun ocean themed app. They'll love popping the bubbles as they float up from the ocean floor. When a bubble is popped, the letter or number in the bubble will be pronounced.

This app features beautiful underwater scenery and muti-colored animated fish. The scenary and color of the fish change each time you go to a new screen.

There are 4 modes of learnig in this app.
1. Uppercase letters
2. lowercase letters
3. Number (1 to 20)
4. Mixed uppercase, lowercase and numbers

This app has very simple controls. Young children can easily use this app on their own (i.e. while their parents are driving).

The speed of the bubbles can be adjusted in the SETTINGS.

This app
1. Does not show any ads
2. Does not collect any data about the user
3. Does not contain links to social media networks
4. Does not have any in-app purchases

There are 3 versions THE TEACHING OCEAN LETTERS & NUMBERS available.

THE TEACHING OCEAN is a universal iOS app that works on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. Click on the app store icon below to download this version.

THE TEACHING OCEAN is available for NOOK tablets and NOOK color. Click on the app store icon below to download this version.
NOOK App : The Teaching Ocean Letters & Numbers

THE TEACHING OCEAN is available for AMAZON KINDLE FIRE tablets. Click on the app store icon below to download this version.

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