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Tomato Pace

Tomato Pace

In this fast paced action game, you must guide a tomato back to the safety of a vine while dodging worms. Along the way, there are also baby tomatoes that you can pick up and carry to safety and earn extra points. As you progress through the levels of the game, more worms are added and the speed of the worms increases.

This game has an UNLIMITED number of levels. Your game will continue for as long as you have lives left. You start with 5 lives and earn an extra one for each level completed.

To maximize your score, pick up as many of the baby tomatoes as you can. You earn a bonus of 1000 points anytime you pick up all of the baby tomatoes and complete a level.

Now there are 2 ways to play. You can touch the large tomato and move it around the screen with your finger or you can use the joystick to move.

The virtual joystick works just like a real joystick. The farther you push it in any direction will cause the speed of movement to increase. To move slowly, just move the joystick a little in the direction you want to move. If you release the joystick, it will spring back to the center and movement will stop.

Tomato Pace is a universal app that works on iPhones. iPod Touches and iPads.

Tomato Pace Free is also available. This version allows you to play up to 7 levels of the game.

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